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Angels Within Owner

Hello there, I am Karen Greer, the founder and owner of Angels Within CDS Home Healthcare. 

To hear a bit of my background and how I became a business owner in the heath care industry I began at an early age. For a very long time I knew that I wanted to be the person to help others who could not necessarily help themselves. I have been working in many fields streaming from teaching to real estate agent to owning my own boutique to now owning my own home health care company.    

I am the youngest of 7 siblings and have always been the support system and glue to my family. While I am the youngest, I am also a single mother and took on the responsibility of caring for my parents while taking care of my 2 children. During this time, I developed a passion and driving force to get into the health care industry.

I remember my dad passing away in 2003 and my precious mother passing in 2008. My father had colon cancer which resulted in his death. Shortly after my father's passing, my mother became ill and I took care of her while she was on her hospice bed. It hurt to see my mother going through so much pain. it was in that moment that I knew my passion was in taking care of others.


I opened up my own very first business in child care, called K. Mama Kidz. During this stage of my life I planned and implemented educational programs for children. I loved working with children but I felt that I needed to do more. In November of 2013 I opened up Angels Within CDS LLC. With so many people in need of in-home services I knew that I had a duty to fulfill. 

I am a walking testimony of what strength looks like. I am also hopeful that the works of this business can restore strength back into our clients as they aim to continue independence.

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